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2017 Board & Officer Positions!
Posted: Thursday, October 13, 2016
We are filling Board of Director seats as well as officer roles for 2017 and looking for interested candidates! Must be a current CTC member with a passion for promoting running & fitness. There are MANY opportunities to all skills and abilities. If you have questions about any of the roles below, please email

Our board meets 1 x per month (12 x per year), and directors/officers are expected to be in attendance at 9 of the 12 meetings. All directors/officers are asked to serve on a working committee, which typically meets 1x per month (Membership, Communications, Races, Development). Brief descriptions are provided below and more info can be found in our bylaws:

Board of Directors: 6 vacant seats will be available in 2017. Term of service is 2 years. The primary responsibilities of the 12 total directors as stated in the bylaws include:

1. Ensuring that CTC funds are expended solely to meet CTC Objectives as set for in the CTC by-laws;

2. 2. Ensuring that the Officers transact business in accordance with the CTC Bylaws and with CTC objectives as set forth in these by-laws;

Vice President/President Elect
1. Assume duties of the president in his or her absence;
2. Take specific assignments of duties from the President;
3. Assume the office of President in the event the President is unable or unwilling to complete his or her term;
4. Assume the office of President upon conclusion of the annual meeting in conjunction with the completion of the incumbent President’s term;
5. Serve as Co-Chair of Planning Committee

Vice President/Races & Equipment

1. Coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the Race Committee and the Equipment Committee to achieve CTC Objectives;
2. To consult with the President as requested regarding the Chair of the Races Committee and the Equipment Committee;
3. To carry out duties assigned to him or her by President;

Vice President/Communications
1. To coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the Communications Committee to achieve CTC Objectives, through Jogging Around, the CTC website, weekly enews as well as social and traditional media outlets;
2. To consult with the President as requested regarding the Communications Committee;
3. To carry out duties assigned to him or her by President;

Vice President/Membership & Programs
1. Serve as Chair of membership Committee and coordinate the activities and responsibilities of the Membership Committee to achieve CTC Objectives including growing and maintaining membership;
2. Ensures regular communication with existing and prospective members to communicate benefits, programs and events to ensure retention of existing members and encourage participation among prospective members;
3. Conduct at least 4 programs a year to facilitate and retain membership, such as, Election Social, Banquet, etc


1. Record Minutes at all meetings;
2. Keep a file of all Minutes;
3. Offer guidance on points of order and procedure during meetings;
4. Determine and decide issues of quorum;
5. Accept assignments of correspondence and keeping of records from the President


1. Administer all financial duties, including, but not limited to:

Regular financial reporting
Special financial reports as requested by the President or Board
Maintain check register and reconcile monthly;
File a form 990 with the IRS
Present an appropriate operating budget to the Planning Committee for inclusion in each One-year Planning Report.

2. The Treasurer shall be responsible for ensuring that all expenditures are valid and appropriate and shall set up and maintain a system to accomplish this goal. At minimum, the Treasurer is required to have some documented or verbal verification for all debts, obligations and expenditures of the CTC before paying them. The purpose of this provision is to prohibit the payment of bills and other obligations without first verifying that the obligation is a valid obligation of the CTC.


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