The Long Run Endowment Fund

The Long Run Endowment Fund was established in 2005 to create a perpetual investment and financial resource to support the mission of the Chattanooga Track Club. The Club is committed to being a good steward of these funds and deeply appreciates your generosity in helping build this legacy for our community. 

A gift to the Chattanooga Track Club endowment can be made to honor a friend, a special occasion or to remember someone who has passed. An acknowledgement of the gift is sent to the recipient (or their family) and to the donor. Contact the CTC club manager or club president for additional details. 


Jon Chew
Bradford Harvey

John Madzin
George Skonberg

Jerry Lastine
George Skonberg

Mike Griffin
George Skonberg

Cameron Bean
Alan Outlaw and Family

Van Townsend
Alan Outlaw and Family

Daniel Hamilton Webb
Jane Webb


John Mazdin
Steve Rogers

Bill Brock
George Skonberg

The Enicks Family
Colonel Hugh Enicks


Jeff Elliott

Blaine Reese

Thomas Starke

Shanna Veal

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