Battle For Chattanooga

    BATTLE FOR CHATTANOOGA  is a series of three races     commemorating this area's Civil War history.  Races are held in     locations where key events of the Battles for Chickamauga and Chattanooga occurred in the fall of 1863. 


The 2021 race series is under way!

Battle for Chattanooga kicked off on November 14, 2020, with the Fort Oglethorpe 5k. Everyone who completed the 5k race is automatically entered in the race series and only needs to complete just two more races to receive their free finisher's medal.  

Complete all three races in the series and claim this custom-designed finisher's medal at the final race!

Details and rules: 

Participating in Battle for Chattanooga is FREE and open to anyone (runners and walkers) who completes the qualifying events. Complete all three races and receive a custom-designed Battle for Chattanooga finisher's medal. 

To Participate: 

  1. Finish one eligible event in each of the three races in the series. 
  2. Receive your medal at the finish line of the final race in the series. 


Battle for Chattanooga is FREE, simply pay the entry fee for each race you run. 

Qualifying races in the series: 

*note: the first race in the series was in November 2020, the remaining races will be held in 2021. Check the CTC race calendar to confirm race dates. 

Complete one eligible event in each of these three races: 

  1. Fort Oglethorpe 5k                    November 14, 2020  COMPLETED!
  2. Missionary Ridge Road Race (4.7 mile)    August, 7 2021  (register now at
  3. Chickamauga Chase*                September, 11 2021(register now at
             *eligible events: 15k, 5k,  8-mileTrail       

The Rules: 

1. Battle For Chattanooga (BFC) participants must complete one eligible event in each of the three races in the series. 

2. Participants' name must be listed in the official race results for each qualifying race. Results posted on the Chattanooga Track Club website. 

3. Requests to receive finishers' medals by mail must be received by October 18, 2021 (no charge for mailing). 

Receiving your BFC finisher's medal: 

there are two options to receive your free, custom-designed, Battle for Chattanooga finisher's medal. 

  1. In-person pickup.  At the final race in the series, the Chickamauga Chase (September 18, 2021). Your qualifying race results will be verified at pickup. 
  2. By mail.   Send an email with your name and mailing address to Medals will be mailed starting after September 18. 

Battle for Chattanooga Race Series is free to the community and 100% funded by the Chattanooga Track Club. To support this and other programs please consider becoming a member of the CTC.

Questions about Battle for Chattanooga? Send an email to

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